“Who are You?”…”Who? Me?”…”Yeah You!”

Hello there my cyber friends. My name is Zipporah, But on this site I would like to be called Zee (it sounds cool). I am recently a high school graduate from the Early Middle College at GTCC- Greensboro. I am from North Carolina. I’m a country girl at heart, but love modern day fashion. I’m such a sucker for clothes, shoes, celeb gossip, real talk, and smoothie drinks (they’re  so Deli-sh ). I am a people-person. My boyfriend would say I’m too nice. When were out I would randomly start talk to a complete stranger. We would talk like we’ve known each-other for years. I would just simple ask a question and expand on that. Sometimes I don’t even realize that it happened. I love converting and understanding other individuals opinions on just about anything! I wanted to start blogging to hopefully get some satisfaction of getting other peoples opinions on topics that i will present daily and to stop getting on my boyfriend’s nerve with talking to random people. I feel this is a more formal way. I hope everyone likes it!!



  1. To be very very honest, I love the reason you’ve started this blog.. It’s very rare to come across someone that likes to be genuinely friendly and I really look forward to reading your posts and conversing through them 😀

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