In the Mind of a High School Senior: College


Many students fresh out of high school are unaware of the total responsibilities that occur daily on a college campus. Being one of many high school graduates, here is a clear look of thoughts about college from a typical high school graduate:

 Wow, I’m finally finished with high school. 12 years of hard work and I’ve finally made it to the finish line. I can remember when I was in the 6th grade. I started counting done my years of being in the school system. “Only five years left. Only four years left. Three, two, one, done”. Now that I have arrived my graduation year it feels like time has flew by. One mintue I’m in elementary and the next minute I’m in a navy blue silky cap and gown walking a cross a stage with the board of eduation awaiting me to shake hands with them. Even though high school was a unforgettable experience, I’m ready for the next step; college.

–  College is going to be such a fun experience. I’ll have my own room, my own space. No one to tell me what to do; Like what my mom is doing right now. Why can’t she just treat me like an adult now. I’m leaving in less than three months. I’m not a baby anymore, nor a kid, or a child. Things have changed. I can only imagine how she is going to act when I actually get on the campus. She better not call me all the time. Maybe she just isn’t ready to let me go yet. Well time is ticking and its not waiting on her to pull herself together.

 Am I really cut out to perform the necessary responsibilities to survive college. I’m scared. I have been dependent on my parents since birth. How can I transition all at once? How am I going to make the grades? College is another level of hardness. There has been so many college students that have dropped out.  I don’t want to be like them. I’m not going to be like them. I’m going to make the grades, graduate, and get my dream job. I want a luxuious and wealthy lifestyle. I don’t want to be famous, just stabled and wealthy. I’m going to work hard. I have to if I want my dream life.

– This movie is crazy. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched “The Roommate”. What if my roommate is psycho. What if she is weird. Omg what if she it’s clean. I really don’t want to start off my year with roommate drama. I want to become best friends with my roommate. We can walk to our classes together, study together, do eachothers hair, go to parties and games together, and when we graduate, we can discuss or jobs and have lunch dates. Drink wine at eachothers houses and talk about everything. When I get engaged, she would be one of my bridesmaids or maybe even my maid of honor, and she would be there for the birth of my first child, and we can tell him or her all of our college stories and vise versa. This is all just a fantasy, but it’s a fantasy I woukd like to come true.

Today is the big day. My clothes are packed and ready to be put in the car. Standing in my room was so emotional. I’m not going to be back here for a while.  I’m not living here anymore. This is the day I leave to start a new lifestyle. Wow, I can’t believe this is happening.

 The college look so different now that we have arrived. It’s no longer just a college, it is my habitat from now until the next 4 years. This is my life now. I’m on a campus with a variety of college students from different backgrounds and from different states and countries. by the end of the night, I will meet the people who I will hang out with everyday. My room is cool and so is my roommate… for now. Im excited for this change. My stomach is filled with butterflies,  but it is time to say goodbye to my parents. Wow, they’re gone. They’re gone! It’s officially here. I’m on my own. Wait… I’m on my own. 

College is an experience that every teenager looks forward to. I certainly can’t wait to live on a campus and meet new people.  But when reality hits that your by yourself and you are responsible for yourself, college can become overwhelming.  College isn’t a problem, but students have to remember the soul purpose for being there. The purpose is to leran responsibility and to become a responsible adult as well as finding your career. College can be a good life teacher. But if not taken seriously in some important parts, it can become a regret.


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